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The Manor Mill Laundry in Dundrum, 1905 Sign In or Register to add photos

In 1905 The Dublin Laundry was one of the biggest employers in Leinster. Thanks to its founder Thomas Edmondson, a Quaker businessman who lived in Windy Arbour, it had state of the art equipment and paid higher wages than rival laundries run by religious institutions on behalf of the state, which did not pay their workers at all. Thomas Edmondson was also Chair of the Rathmines and Rathgar District Council. He constantly complained that such institutions should not be exempt from inspections under the Factories Acts and demanded that they should be made to pay workers a living wage. The Republican hero Patrick Doyle worked at the Dublin laundry in Milltown as General Manager.
Milltown 1905
Rev Canon Nicholson
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